Top 5 videos we are currently watching

Top 5 videos we are currently watching

Here at EC Streetwear we love searching the internet for new and exciting extreme videos, below are 5 of our recent favourites.

Life is Fun. An incredible collection of footage from one of most famous parkour and freerunning communities , Flow. This makes us want to go outside, put our music on loud, skate, bike, and freerun. A really inspiring video, showing just how exciting travel and extreme sports can be.

What do you get when you cross a trials motorcycle and an infamous wooden roller coaster? This, mental clip, that’s what.

With the rise of go pro cameras, we see more and more unbelievable footage captured from the helmet or chest mounted cameras. This video is no exception, follow James Kingston as he heads to the top of a crane in search for a perfect selfie.

Again Redbull dominate the extreme sport uploads. This video, based in the multi-million dollar abandoned resort in Nova Scotia, Canada, shows some of the best skaters from across the US turn this luxury retreat into the world’s most expensive playground.

A handful of the world’s best riders travel the globe pushing the limits of street BMX, an insight into the underground cult scene. This looks to be a great video, we can’t wait to see more.

The race to land a double backflip 360 on a BMX. Firstly a crazy insight into Trevor Jacob’s life, the guy that has built a skatepark around his house.