Gadgets for extreme sporting

If you’re an extreme sport buff and like to push yourself to the limits we have a great list of gadgets to get your hands on.

All terrain mountain boards

Don’t limit yourself to the skate parks and roads, get yourself one of these and head up a mountain and push yourself to the limits. These vary in size and ruggedness so choose the one ideal for your riding style and have fun!


If you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen. GoPro have recently launched a new range of their award winning cameras so now you can capture your antics in beautiful 4k video and also preview your magic on their screens.

GoPros have now become more affordable with the introduction of the entry-level Hero line starting at £99.

Look at the greatness that you can capture:


Transcend GPS Goggles

Snow goggles to the extreme! These goggles have built in GPS so that you can track where you have been skiing/boarding on Google Maps. Along with GPS these goggles have UV protection, polarised lens, anti-fog and many other features.

Fitbit Surge

Track everything you do. With advanced heart rate monitoring and all day activity tracking this handy and little ‘smartwatch’ will track all your activity and wirelessly sync to your phone or computer.

Track your activity on the skate park and then let Fitbit tell you when you should wake up from your sleep. It will help you track your sleep patterns and also wakes you up at the best possible time for your body.